Quarantine Leave

The aim of this grant is to financially support those employers who have employees under quarantine leave.


  • Employers who have full-time employees on mandatory quarantine leave
  • Self-employed (full time) persons who have to undergo mandatory quarantine


  • A grant of €350 per employee


  • The applicant is required to provide the following;
    • Type of business
    • VAT Number
    • PE Number
    • NACE Code
  • Other business details & banking details
  • Details of the employee who had to undergo mandatory quarantine, i.e.
    • Name & Surname
    • ID Number
    • Date of birth
    • Start of quarantine date
    • Reason for quarantine.

The application form should be submitted online via the following link: https://covid.maltaenterprise.com/quarantineleave.