The aim of this grant is to support employers and self-employed to invest in technology that enables teleworking.


  • this grant is open to all undertakings irrespective of size and sector
  • where employees did not have a teleworking agreement in place prior to the 15th of February 2020
  • for costs incurred between 15th of February 2020 and 8th May 2020

Eligible Expenses

  • purchasing and/or leasing of computer hardware (included operating systems) which are considered portable, including installation and setting up of connectivity software
  • communication solutions (hardware and software) that allows different users to connect to their place of work (VPN, Point-to-point connection etc.)


  • up to €500 per teleworking agreement
  • 45% of the eligible cost
  • max €4,000 per undertaking


  • the application and claim form together with additional documentation should be submitted by email on
  • the applicant is required to provide the following: –
    • signed teleworking agreement;
    • a document signed by the employee as a confirmation that the employee has sole responsibility of the hardware and software left in his/ her care;
    • copy of invoices together with proof of payment of the eligible costs;
    • in case of leased equipment, provide a copy of the lease agreement.
  • the Corporation shall issue a letter of approval indicating the value of aid awarded
  • the undertaking will have to provide and install the approved equipment at the teleworker’s residence within two (2) weeks from the approval letter
  • the beneficiary shall submit a monthly report on the teleworking activity of the employee for the three (3) months following the approval.

We can help you in preparing the teleworking agreements, submitting the application and preparing the monthly reports.

Deadline to apply for this grant is 8th May 2020.

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