Compliance & AML services

At CSA Group we offer any compliance and AML related services that can be outsourced as per the Implementing Procedures for you to become and remain compliant with AML / CFT obligations.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Prepare your internal policies and procedures by using our knowledge in the industry to devise the right compliance program for you
  • Check that your current policies and procedures are up-to-date
  • Keeping you abreast with any changes introduced by the regulatory authorities.
  • Setting up and upkeep of CRM and AML related software tool
  • The on boarding of new clients, including screening and risk categorisation as per automated Risk Tool Software
  • On-going monitoring including periodical reviews of your clients
  • Updating of AML & CFT policies and procedures
  • Assistance with any regulatory reporting such as the annual REQ and ACR

For further information on outsourcing of the Compliance Function, please contact us on [email protected]