Manufacturing is a vital sector in Malta, contributing to a fifth of the country’s GDP. In spite of the challenging financial times felt across most of Europe, Malta continued to survive through diversification and driving efficiency. Thanks to its favourable geographic location, Malta offers a low cost alternative for both operations as well as logistics, linking Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean sphere.

Manufacturing also continues to be one of the main sources of employment across all levels of competencies specialising in medium and high technology products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as food.

Over the years Malta has developed numerous incentives to attract foreign investment as well as assist local businesses in the manufacturing industry. Most incentives are administered by Malta Enterprise and support new projects by means of fiscal incentives and financial aid throughout the project. At initial stage enterprises may benefit from cash grants and loan guarantees. Enterprises may be eligible for investment aid or tax credits of up to 45% of their expenditure. Research and Development is highly encouraged and supported by the several schemes and grants also administered by Malta Enterprise.

CSA Group service multiple manufacturing companies and have done so for many years.  With long standing client relationships, CSA Group work in partnership with clients to ensure new financial legislation and financial initiatives are provided to our manufacturing clients to keep their business operating costs as low as possible and provide access to new government initiatives as they are released to the market.

Our experienced team has the ability to provide advice on the setting up of processes as well as to gauge which incentives best suit the clients’ requirements and assist them throughout the application process.