Malta as an island is experiencing considerable growth and the construction industry is no exception. The direct contribution of the construction industry has significant impact on Malta’s GDP. The income-multiplier refers to a portion of the wages and profits earned by the construction industry are re-spent within the economy of Malta thus further supporting growth. In short, the construction industry is an important facet of the Maltese economy.

With foreign businesses settling in Malta, we have been experiencing intensive growth in construction activity and real estate industry affecting both the residential as well as commercial sectors. With this increase in demand, property prices are on the rise making real estate in Malta a great investment option.

The dynamics of the industry are continuously changing with market conditions, taxes, environment regulations and other conditions becoming more and more complex. CSA Group offers the specialised knowledge required to recognise these additional risks and address them in the most efficient manner while achieving financial goals. Our team will also make sure to help businesses benefit from any business incentives schemes made available to the construction industry mainly administered by Malta Enterprise.

At CSA Group we can respond to your specific needs and guide you through every phase of your business’ needs across a vast range of services. Our team can assist in real estate valuation, risk analysis and businesses development and crisis management. Ongoing advice relating to financing, taxation matters and compliance are also guaranteed.