Fintech & Innovative Technology

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the last decade, this industry has been moving towards a more institutional level, whereby it is attracting the interest of high-net worth individuals and organisations that want to ensure that their investment and any undertakings is one which is situated within a jurisdiction that offers legal certainty surrounding its operations.

Malta has moved with impressive agility to develop a framework that embraces progressive fintech and crypto technologies. Malta has positioned itself as a secure, innovative fintech hub and an innovator in DLT and blockchain regulation. Nicknamed ‘the blockchain island’, Malta is the first EU Member State to have introduced a complete regulatory framework for the sector, making way for the foundation of a new regulatory authority – the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), the registration and certification of service providers of Distributed Ledger Technologies, as well as the regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and related service providers.

This forward-thinking regulatory stance has already inspired an influx of blockchain companies to Maltas shores, most notably Binance and a list of other crypto exchanges have followed.