Financial Services in Malta

Thanks to its EU membership, its English speaking workforce and a pleasant geographical location, Malta’s services industry is strong, robust and performing very well. This industry is predominantly driven by financial, insurance and corporate service providers, all well established in Malta.

Being a leading EU financial hub, Malta has invested in a sophisticated financial system which has led numerous businesses in choosing Malta as their home to set up hedge funds, credit institutions and insurance intermediaries amongst others.

Regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), Malta boasts of low operational costs and a fiscal base while still complying to the highest regulatory standards and granting reputability to Malta’s financial sector. The MFSA encourages the compliance by regulating, supervising, monitoring and training all the recognised and licenced financial services in Malta.

At CSA Group we are an industry leading team of multi-disciplinary accountants, tax specialists, auditors and In house Lawyers, servicing a wide range of service driven businesses.

We offer a highly skilled team with expertise and knowledge of the services industry in Malta who provide results-driven commercial advice to maximize opportunities and financial result.

Our firm realises the flexibility that any business activity has and assists investors in setting up their financial services in Malta. CSA Group guarantees ongoing monitoring and compliance of the best accounting systems, software and procedures, offering constructive opinions and open communications with Malta’s regulatory bodies and agencies. Our familiarity with the industry had positioned our firm as a one-stop financial services shop in Malta.