Hotel, Leisure & Tourism Industry

The tourism industry in Malta is promoted and regulated by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), which in turn falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for Tourism. The MTA was created in 1999 by the Malta Travel and Tourism Service Act. It advises the government on tourism operations, on the planning and development of the tourism industry, on the infrastructure supporting the industry and it also issues licenses under the Act. MTA is responsible for regulating and motivating this industry in Malta. It is practically its business partner and the country’s brand promoter. Its role is to form, maintain and manage meaningful partnerships with all industry stakeholders. The Authority works closely alongside its private sector partners. It works hard to strengthen the industry’s human resources, ensure the highest standards and quality of Malta’s tourism product and foster relations with local and international media.

CSA Group services hotels and tourist-related businesses in Malta and have done so for many years, and as such, we know the industry well. Many of our clients have experienced significant growth in the last decade as this industry has increased year by year. Our ability to anticipate our client’s needs and adapt to their expanding business needs has always been our strength. At CSA Group we work with our partners to financially future-proof their business and to put in place financial strategies and initiatives that enable businesses to achieve their financial goals and objectives.