Corporate Services

Malta is a well-regulated EU jurisdiction boasting an attractive tax regime and an open market economy, meeting the demands of the global market and succeeding over the years in establishing strong and long-standing links with Europe and North Africa, through a liberal foreign investment policy and double taxation treaties with forty-eight countries.

Maltese law provides for several forms of corporate entities, the most frequent form is by far the limited liability company, which may have the status of a public or private company. Furthermore, private companies may be either exempt or non-exempt. Companies may have multiple activities including those of a ‘holding’ and ‘trading’ nature. The Companies Act (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta) provides for a straightforward and cost-effective process with respect to company registration and maintenance.

CSA Group is a corporate service provider offering a vast array of corporate services in Malta that will meet the needs of both new and established companies. Services offered include:

CSA Group is authorised to assist with the preparation and submission of the necessary documents to the Malta Business Registry in order to form companies or other legal entities in Malta. As part of our advisory services, we assist the client in carefully identifying the activities of the proposed company and their regulatory implications in the country within which they will be carried out

CSA Group is authorised to assist existing companies with their re-domiciliation process to and from Malta, including a thorough review of the all the documentation provided. Once the envisaged process would be concluded, the legal entity would change its registered seat to a different jurisdiction and continue operating from there.

At CSA Group, we do our best to stay abreast of all the legislative and regulatory developments affecting the structures of our clients. As such, from time to time, we recommend that all companies in Malta revisit their corporate structure and carry out an analysis with the help of our professional to understand whether any changes would be required to address any requirement emanating from any new regulations, rules, directives or other guidance notes issued by the local competent authorities.

At CSA Group, we have worked meticulously to establish a wide network of credit and financial institutions which are able to meet the growing demands of our customers. Whereas the banking industry has undergone a massive overhaul in terms of how certain banking facilities are offered, our team of professionals are able to guide our clients in choosing the most suitable banking partner for them.

All companies and other legal entities in Malta are required by law to have a registered office. CSA Group is authorised to provide a registered office to all companies registered in Malta, and as such, would be able to cater for the receipt and delivery of any mail received at such an address to its directors or other authorised party by the Company.

The acquisition and merger of companies continue to be an active part of doing business in Malta and abroad. At CSA Group, we have a team of professionals who are able to provide assistance with the negotiation of any mergers and acquisitions, including the preparation and drafting of any related contracts and agreements to be signed with any third parties. We have expertise both from a legal and tax point of view, allowing our clients to leverage our experience when it comes to brokering deals involving their businesses.

CSA Group is authorised to act as a company director or to arrange for our senior employees to act as directors for client companies. This will involve an element of management and control over the customer company, and we shall ensure that all duties and obligations relating to the company are met on an ongoing basis.

CSA Group is authorised to act as a company secretary or to arrange for our senior employees to act as company secretaries for client companies. This will involve an element of administration over the customer company, and we shall ensure that all duties and obligations relating to the company are met on an ongoing basis. This includes the keeping of register of members and beneficial owners, preparation and submission of annual returns, and other duties that are typically associated with that of a company secretary.

We also offer the introduction, support and liaison with local and international banks.

Malta’s economic climate is constantly changing. Both national and international law and regulatory practices are becoming ever more complex. Our experienced in house lawyers use their expertise to advise and guide our clients in situations that require specific judicial experience.

We put our clients’ needs first and commit to providing a swift, professional and detailed response to client’s requests. We leverage our in-house knowledge and experience obtained over the last 25 years to propose the most cost-effective solutions.