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CS Fintech Services was set up with the specific purpose of assisting clients within the innovative technology space in establishing their operations from within our jurisdiction. With Malta having devised the Virtual Financial Assets Framework to support the new technologies for financial services in the area of crypto-assets, this Company was amongst the very first to submit its application to become a registered and recognised VFA Agent in Malta. This role entails a number of significant responsibilities and duties, so as to ensure investor protection, financial market integrity and financial stability.

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Made up of a team of highly qualified professionals who come from different areas and backgrounds, CS Fintech Services is able to be provide a tailored solution to its clients, be it from a legal, regulatory, tax or corporate point of view. A proactive approach is taken to ensure that superior and high-end services are provided to its clientele, valuing quality over quantity every step of the way. With a client base consisting of reputable and renowned operators within their industry – to start-up companies looking to operate within an incentivised environment. CS Fintech Services provides a one-stop solution for international investors that value efficiency, proficiency and consistency above everything else.

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